Dejavu Technology Limited is a company based in Hong Kong born from an idea of its founder Boris and his team.

What is White Label?
White Label is a self-service, customizable ad exchange platform. It allows the Admin, Publisher and the Advertiser to quickly and easily manage all their web properties, applications and the advertising inside of them.
Thanks to several key features, the user will be able to run his business with complete autonomy, achieving maximum return on his online traffic.
You can sign up for our Advertising platform with a convenient month-to-month plan. The available options include a 3 months, 6 months or yearly plan at a fixed rate.
We offer economical pricing options, which are catered to the needs of the client. They are based on the volume of traffic, the capacity of the AdServer platform and the choice of rental plan.
Simply request a no obligation TRIAL and our customer service team will get back to you on how best we can help you grow your business.

How did the project of the White Label AdServer start?
The White Label advertising platform started from an idea of the founder of Dejavu Technology, Boris, and his team of technicians, sales managers and web designers, that cooperated combining their knowledge, experience and needs, in order to build a platform with unique characteristics.
Working in the online traffic trade for years, they realised that there wasn’t an advertising platform capable of matching their working needs.

What were the goals?
The goals for the White Label were to develop an advertising platform capable of being highly competitive and performing in the market, and, at the same time, able to meet customers’ needs for what concerns costs, speed, autonomy, …
White Label is a product created FOR the customers. In order to give them the possibility to work with the platform, the team of Dejavu Technology developed a month-to-month rental plan. This payment formula allows to work with a powerful and performing platform with a small price.

What are the bases of the White Label's idea?
The idea was to put together in a unique AdServer, all those fundamental features that an advertising platform must have in order to offer to the customers high performances and the managerial autonomy they need.
White Label allows full customisation of its features, both graphics and functionals, it is completely in self-service, allows you to run your business in autonomy. The panel is fully translated in 13 languages (with the possibility of adding new ones), real time statistics regularly updated to check the traffic flow, and much more.

Which events did Dejavu Technology attend?
Dejavu Technology participated as exhibitor to Web Marketing Festival which took place in Rimini on 19-20 of June 2015, international marketing event that welcomed and gathered thousands of exponents of the industry, and attended the AppsWorld London on 18-19 of November 2015 as exhibitor and main sponsor, an international meeting that gathered together app developers coming from all over the world.
Our delegates participated as visitors to meet partners and colleagues, to many events such as the European Summit Prague from 22nd to 25th of September 2015, the Webmaster Access Amsterdam on 18-21 of September, The Belgrade Get Together on 26-28 October 2015, and The European Summit Barcelona from 29th to 3rd of March 2016.
Moreover, we are planning to attend many other international marketing events.



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