Admin – Email notification

Email notification

All emails, sent inside the platform, present the multilingual translation system that allows a real time communication with publishers, advertisers and admin worldwide. The administrator of the White Label platform can set up a specific email notification system, deciding the email recipients, the subject and the timings. There are several cases in which the White Label administrator send and receive automatic email notifications:

  • New user registration
  • User profile summary
  • New advertising campaign
  • New website banner and new InApp banner
  • New website and app registered
  • IDs documents upload
  • Publishers payment requests
  • Publishers payments
  • Invoice upload
  • Advertisers’ account balance raise
  • Direct messages from users
  • Alert for technical problems
  • Suspicious activities inside the panel
  • Daily publisher statistics (cost, impression, click, redirect, ... )
  • Advertiser’s account budget run out and list of the campaigns that are going to be paused.



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