Advertiser – Advertising models

Multiple advertising models

Advertisers inside the White Label platform have the possibility to buy online traffic choosing among the methods that best ensure a return on investment for his advertising campaigns. Besides, it is possible to combine different methods of payment for the purchase of advertising spaces within a single advertising campaign. The main methods present inside the AdServer platform are :

  • PPC (Pay per Click) : the advertiser pays for each click on his ads. For PPC campaigns, he sets a maximum cost-per-click bid which is the highest amount that he is willing to pay for a click on his advertising. The campaign bid could be changed and managed in real time by the advertiser, based on the traffic flow. PPC payments for Image Banners and Text banners
  • PPM (Pay per Mille) : the payment is based on the impressions that a certain advertising achieves. The advertiser pays every thousand views of the advertising. PPM payments for Redirect, Pop-up and Pop-under
  • PPA (Pay per Action) : the advertiser pays for every specified action - for example form submit, download of an app, subscribing, etc.



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