White Label is the advertising platform for every agency and publisher network that want to optimise and simplify their business, through an advertising server able to manage huge volumes of traffic coming from different websites and mobile applications, and every advertising campaign created for those landings. The platform allows you to optimise and increase your publisher revenues and you choose the payment method that more suits your business needs.


Managing adult websites has never been so easy, thanks to the unique White Label advertising server proposed by Dejavu Technology. Through this advertising platform, the administrator will be able to manage his multiple web properties and ad campaigns with complete autonomy, increasing desktop / mobile traffic and publisher revenue.


Increase your revenues. Easily manage your gambling websites and advertising campaigns with the White Label platform created by Dejavu Technology Ltd. The Advertising Server allows the administrator to efficiently manage advertising campaigns for multiple websites, through Real Time Bidding (RTB).


Monetizing your app has never been that easy! Through the use of the White Label platoform, developers will be able to insert new apps and to publish In-App advertising easily and quickly, increasing their revenues and putting aside the trade intermediary. The platform allows publishers to insert adv campaigns inside their mobile applications using our Android and iOS SDK.


The White Label advertising platform will quickly become your most important tool for bridging Publishers and Advertisers. It allows for increased revenues on one side, while creating a higher ROI on the other. As the administrator, you will be able to coordinate site traffic and campaigns easily with just a few clicks.


Social networks have become, in the last few years, a very important communication tool and their importance continues to grow. In this new flourishing market, the White Label platform is attractive to those advertisers who want to promote their business to a constantly spreading audience. Publishers on social networks are now able to manage all advertising with a click thanks to our unique advertising platform.


Easily manage all of your dating websites and applications network via the White Label advertising server by Dejavu Technology Limited. The platform allows the administrator to direct all online traffic towards more targeted users, developing specific advertising campaigns.



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