Customisable and self-service

Complete customisation and self-service

White Label is a complete advertising platform that has all the fundamental features and functionalities to be the best performing and competitive advertising server in the market. To get more usability, meet the market's needs and the needs of all the figures involved (admin, publisher and advertiser), White Label was created to be completely customisable, so the one who rents it will be allowed to add all the functionalities he needs in order to run his business in the best possible way. For example, he could personalise publishers’ revenues, all the market bids, targeting them for country and single advertiser.
Beside, the one who rents the White Label can personalise the currency of all the payments made inside his advertising platform. Every transaction, then, will be done with his actual currency.
Another important feature of the White Label AdServer is its complete self-service. The panel is built to give the administrator, the publishers and the advertisers, the independence they need to run their business in the best way.
Thanks to its complete self-service interface, everyone inside the platform has the autonomy he needs and the administrator could be the only manager of the White Label, taking any decision about website approvals, campaigns approvals, payments, managing, …



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