Real Time Statistics

Real Time Statistics Admin

The Administrator can:

  • Check in real time all advertisers' and publishers' statistics;
  • Keep under control the costs and revenues related to the campaigns and to the trade of advertising spaces;
  • Monitorize the traffic flow, the impressions and clicks, the CTR (click through rate - the percentage of clicks on the impressions made);
  • Decide to analyze the entire statistic history or a specific period of time.

Real Time Statistics Publisher

Publishers can:

  • Check the flow of traffic of his websites and applications
  • Monitorize the number of impressions, clicks and conversion (depending on the payment method he has chosen -CPC, CPM, CPA, CPI, CPL), the CTR
  • Analyze the revenue, the country of origin of all visitors, type of device,
  • Oversee the entire history or a specific and personalized period of time.

Real Time Statistics advertiser

Publishers can:

  • Analyze the history of all his campaigns or select a specific one
  • Check the number of impression and clicks made and their relative costs
  • View the list of all the websites and countries in which a specific campaign has been shown
  • Look at the the entire campaigns history or just a specific interval.



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