White label

White Label is a self-service customizable ad exchange platform that allows the Admin, the publishers and the advertisers to manage, in an easy and rapid way, all their websites, applications and the advertising inside of them. Thanks to the several features implemented inside the platform, the user will be able to run his own business, in complete autonomy getting the best from his online traffic trade.

The client can sign up for our Advertising platform with a convenient month-to-month plan. The available options include a 3 month, 6 month or yearly plan at a fixed rate. The price is created on the needs of the client, so it is completely personalised , based on the volume of traffic, the strength and the performance of the AdServer platform and the rental plan he chooses.The moment the client fill the DEMO request form, the customer service will take care of his application creating the best offer to help them grow their business.



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